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KAI Partners is Hiring!

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A new year typically brings some introspection, the setting of goals and aspirations, and the shifting of priorities. Along with the typical “lose weight” or “go to yoga,” maybe you’ve also been feeling the desire to change an aspect of your career. Luckily, KAI Partners is currently hiring! Take a look at the roles for which we are hiring—maybe your dream job is waiting here! Note: All positions are on-site positions based in the Sacramento, California region.

Communications Consultant
The Communications Consultant will play a key role in planning, coordinating, and developing communication and messaging for a large organization. The focus of the Communications Consultant is to act as a single point of contact for all external division communications, which are both written and oral. The Communications Consultant will provide full-service communication services, new media, public awareness, educational outreach, communications strategy, stakeholder, sponsor and program research, and more.
Click here to apply or to view the job posting in its entirety (via ZipRecruiter)

Delivery Manager (Scrum Master)
The Delivery Manager (Scrum Master) shall work to resolve or remove impediments within the team, help manage the team’s relationships with outside stakeholders, facilitate team continuous improvement, and coordinate solution implementation and delivery with other Delivery Managers. This individual should have the ability to develop relationships with all levels of the organization and have outstanding political savvy. We are looking for enthusiastic problem solvers who thrive on being engaged at all levels of the project.
Click here to apply or to view the job posting in its entirety (via LinkedIn)

Backend Web Developer
The Backend Web Developer engages with a number of stakeholders to act as a bridge between current compliance requirements and the new compliance requirements. The success of the Backend Web Developer requires a dedicated professional who possess analytical, programming, and data architecture skills. The Backend Web Developer will need to have experience using modern, open source software to prototype and deploy backend web applications, including all aspects of server-side processing, data storage, and integration with frontend development.
Click here to apply or to view the job posting in its entirety (via LinkedIn)

Training Consultant
The Training Consultant will work across a number of stakeholders, both state and vendor, who collaborate to design, develop, and deliver training solutions to impacted end users within the organization. The Training Consultant should have the ability to develop relationships with all levels of the organization and have outstanding political savvy. The Training Consultant should have in-depth knowledge of training design methodologies. Knowledge of business process and OCM methodologies are preferred.
Click here to apply or to view the job posting in its entirety (via ZipRecruiter)

We look forward to receiving your application today!

How to Achieve the Power of Commitment in the Agile Sprint Process

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Agile Commitment

By Tim Cleary

Performance management and the collaboration of team members during the software development life-cycle are essential to software solutions when quality and speed to implementation is the goal. Certain Agile best practices are used to facilitate management and collaboration, and ensure a rapid software development, testing, and implementation process.

During the Agile process, a critical step to achieving team collaboration and successful performance management is Release Commitment Meetings. It’s in these Release Commitment Meetings that Product Managers, Scrum Masters, Solution Architects, and System Developers collaborate and reach agreement and commitment to move the scope of a release into the rapid development, testing, and implementation phases.

The following are the high-level steps that need to be completed in advance of the commitment for each release:

  • Product Managers work with Business Analysts / the Client to ensure user stories, acceptance criteria, priorities, and return on investment are understood. Functionally is documented and completed during this time, as well.
  • Business Analysts work with Solution Architects and Developers to come up with the scope of a release.
  • Sizing includes architectural complexity and is estimated on a story point basis for each user story.
  • User stories considered feasible are based on development capacity and marked as “Release Candidates.”

Release Commitment Meetings are facilitated by project management commitment experts to review and obtain approval of user story release candidates. User stories are then be tagged to the release after alignment, approval, and commitment by the Product Managers, Solution Architects, and Developers. In the final scope control process, the committed scope is communicated back to the business / client and moved into the development, testing, and implementation phases.

While it’s tempting to jump right into the software development process and get to work, it’s important not to skip the step of these Release Commitment Meetings to ensure all parties are involved and collaborate on the Agile process. Commitment from the team will only help set your next project up for success!

KAI Partners, Inc. staff consists of Certified Scrum Masters and other Agile approach experts. Thinking about going Agile for your next project? Contact us today at info@kaipartners.com.

About the Author: Tim is an Executive Consultant with project management, consulting, business development, and sales experience spanning business transformation, technology adoption, change management, shared services, knowledge management, learning and development, and enterprise cost reduction. Tim has more than 30 years of business system development and implementation experience focused on Energy – Utilities/Oil & Gas, Technology, Media & Entertainment, Financial, Federal, State, and Life Sciences (Disability, Medicare Claims Management, and Conservation) organizations. Tim has lectured at the university level and at business conferences focusing on technology adoption, change/knowledge management, and business issues and solutions.

Agile Development Best Practices [INFOGRAPHIC]

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We recently shared an infographic highlighting the pros and cons of both the Agile and Waterfall methods. Now we’ve got some Agile best practices to share from Kanban Tool. What are some of your Agile best practices? And remember, the KAI Partners, Inc. team is experienced and certified in Agile. To learn more about how we can help you on your next project, contact us at info@kaipartners.com.

Via: Kanban Tool

5 Best of the Best Practices You Need to Know

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Best of the Best

By Sarah Walsh

We see Best Practices lists pop up constantly. It can be difficult to weed through the expansive lists to truly find the best, so we decided to pick a few industries and share our favorite best practices within each. Here’s what we found:

35 Agile Development Best Practices from Effective Software Design
Are you using the Agile approach in your business? If so, it’s worth it to check this list and make sure you and your team are hitting all the major Agile concepts.

10 Principles of Leading Change Management from strategy+business
Engagement from the top down is key to create the culture you are striving for. This list on change management best practices is a quick read and delves further into some change management methods.

Don’t Forget These 10 Project Management Best Practices (Infographic) from Wrike
These are basic, yet necessary PM tools you should be using on your project. Bonus: This list comes in the form of an infographic, so you can print it out, hang it up, and be reminded daily of these tools.

10 Best Practices for Cyber Security in 2016 from Observe IT
In the ever-changing world of cyber security, these are some recent best practices to help you and your business stay protected.

10 Insights on Building, Motivating and Managing an Exceptional Team from Entrepreneur
Not a true ‘Best Practices’ list, but beneficial nonetheless, this article gives some great insight into the concept of team building. Be sure to see #2 to get some team-building exercise/excursion ideas.

What are some of your favorite best practices? Share them with us in the comments!

About the Author: Sarah Walsh has nearly a decade of communications experience, including public sector roles in the California State Senate and State Assembly, as well as private sector roles for a sovereign Native American tribe and a global pharmaceutical company. In addition to communications work, Sarah and her husband are team captains and fundraisers for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s annual Walk MS event. When she’s not writing, editing, or soliciting her friends and family for MS Walk donations, she loves performing improv, hanging out with her husband and 5-year-old daughter, and cooking. Follow Sarah on Twitter @sarahsykeswalsh.

The Pros and Cons of Waterfall and Agile [INFOGRAPHIC]

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If you are thinking about using either the Waterfall method or the Agile approach on your next project, check out this quick and comprehensive infographic from Global One Connection. The infographic outlines the pros and cons of both the Waterfall and Agile methods, and can help as you make your decision. At KAI Partners, we are experienced with both methods–our staff are both Project Management Professional certified and Certified Scrum Masters. To learn more about how we can help you on your next project–whether Waterfall or Agile–contact us at info@kaipartners.com.

Via: Global One Connection

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