How to Corral Scattered Thoughts and Increase Productivity -

How to Corral Scattered Thoughts and Increase Productivity


By Melissa McManus

My daughter loves to remind me I am old because I was born in the 20th century. In the 21st century, everything is very much go, go, go. From working, shuttling kids to extracurriculars, cooking dinner, grocery shopping, and other daily tasks, there is so much going on. It is no wonder our minds are running a million miles a minute throughout the day.

It can be difficult to quiet our minds, especially when it’s time to go to bed. Even with our busy schedules, there are things we can do to help corral our scattered thoughts. One of the main things we can do is to be more introverted by focusing on ourselves and on the inner psyche! Below is a list of ways you can accomplish this.

Turn off all of the noise: Scattered thoughts thrive in chaos. Turing down the noise will allow you to focus on yourself.

Exercise: When we exercise, we release endorphins in the brain. This creates a euphoric effect and will calm your mind.

Meditate: Meditation is the best way to focus on the inner self.

Sleep: Getting a good amount of sleep is important as it gives the mind time to reset and recharge.

Journal: Sometimes the best way to quiet the mind and corral scattered thoughts is to simply write them down—get them out of your mind and onto paper.

Return to Nature: Getting away from all the hustle and bustle we are subjected to in the city can help to clear your mind.

Just have fun: Allow yourself to have time for personal activities. This can be anything from going to the movies, reading a book, dinner with friends, or whatever else you consider to be fun.

These are just a few things that you can do to help corral your scattered thoughts from the days, weeks, or even months of ongoing activities. Taking time for yourself can make a world of difference. Having the ability to corral your scattered thoughts will lead to a more productive work day and less stress.

About the Author: Melissa McManus has five years of research experience as well as over a decade of experience working in the educational sector spanning from TK through Adult education. Melissa has a Masters in counseling, received from California State University, Fresno and a Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership with a focus in Human Resource Development. Melissa’s professional interests include human behavior, research, writing, coaching, training, and knowledge transfer. On a more personal note, Melissa is involved in community service efforts including serving as chair of her children’s school site council, volunteering her time as an art docent, and serving in the library of her local church. In her free time when she is not running her kids to gymnastics or karate, Melissa enjoys reading (a lot), wine tasting, Crossfit, being with friends/family, and spending time with her husband and two children.

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