How your Thoughts Become Things -

How your Thoughts Become Things


By Elizabeth Long

Our thoughts become things. Some may know this as the law of attraction: That which we focus our thoughts and energy on is what we get more out of. Your thoughts depict your reality and you become what you put your time and energy into.

Take for example, money. When the bank account gets low, most people cut back, approaching the situation from a scarcity mindset.

The more attention you focus on budgeting money, the more time you will spend doing just that. You will not leave time to focus on positive things. So, instead of focusing on scarcity, focus on abundance. Focus on creating more money—spend your time seeking out opportunities that generate more abundance in your life.

Let’s take a macro view of Thoughts Become Things. When things are not going how you want, what do you focus on? Do you focus on what’s going wrong and being the victim? Or, do you focus on what you want and creating positive changes and outcomes?

Continuously ask yourself, What do I really want? Remember, nothing happens by magic. Focus and write down the things you want in your life, then make a plan, and do the work. The law of attraction is always at play, so if you focus your energy and work on it, then you can make it happen.

Stay positive. Live in gratitude for the things you have and focus on what you want more of in your life. Out with the negative—which only wastes time—and in with the positive.

 How have you manifested and worked to bring positive outcomes into your life?

 About the Author: Elizabeth Long is a professional Organization Development Consultant and Curriculum Developer/Trainer. She received her Certification in Organizational Change Management from Prosci and is certified in e-learning development from Langevine Learning Center. Elizabeth has worked in many industries: High tech, healthcare, and state and local government. Currently, Elizabeth works as an Executive Consultant with KAI Partners, Inc. as a contractor working in a variety of California State Departments. Elizabeth has lived in Sacramento for the past 17 years and appreciates the history of Sacramento as well as its convenience to many well-known destinations like San Francisco, Tahoe, and Reno.

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