Best of the Best Practices: Decision-Making -

Best of the Best Practices: Decision-Making

Best of the Best

By Sarah Walsh

Companies both big and small can easily get bogged down in the decision-making process. Whether you have too many decision-makers or just not the right decision-makers identified, there is always room to streamline the decision-making process. Here are some best practices we found that tackle this issue.

3 Best Practices for High Performance Decision Making Teams from Cloverpop

You know we love the why. This article from Cloverpop focuses on a few best practices you can implement to create a more streamlined decision-making process—and at the heart is explaining why a decision was made in order to get buy-in from your team.

The five steps to better decisions from Bain

This comprehensive guide from Bain outlines five key steps to increase more effective decision-making. Some of our favorite tips include making sure people are clear on the roles they should play in the decision-making process and focusing on those decisions that are most important.

5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Decision Making from Forbes

This quick and easy article has some great, no-nonsense tips for what to consider when making a decision. This is more geared toward the solo decision-maker, but any of these tips can be applied in a group decision-making setting, as well. (A personal favorite: “Shelve ego and emotion”).

7 Best Practices for Effective Group Decision-Making from Philosophy IB

Some key tips included here, from management consulting firm Philosophy IB, include formulating a decision-making approach and bringing in a facilitator to drive the meeting.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Meetings from Project Management Hacks

Meetings are often where decisions get made, so it seemed appropriate to add some meeting best practices to this list, as well. These tips from Project Management Hacks no-brainers. “Prewire Important Points and Decisions” and “Manage the Meeting by the Clock” will help streamline both your meeting and the decisions made in your meeting.

What are some of your best favorite practices for decision-making? Share them with us in the comments!

About the Author: Sarah Walsh has nearly a decade of communications experience, including public sector roles in the California State Senate and State Assembly, as well as private sector roles for a sovereign Native American tribe and a global pharmaceutical company. In addition to communications work, Sarah and her husband are team captains and fundraisers for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s annual Walk MS event. When she’s not writing, editing, or soliciting her friends and family for MS Walk donations, she loves performing improv, hanging out with her husband and 5-year-old daughter, and cooking. Follow Sarah on Twitter @sarahsykeswalsh.

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