Lean Six Sigma Course for College Students -

Lean Six Sigma Course for College Students

By Christian Darchuk, LSSGB

I am a college student at Modesto Junior College, where I study Agricultural Business. When I graduate, I aspire to be in the business field, but know it will be hard to get into the job I want right out of college.

One way to get more experience is by doing a summer internship, as I am currently doing. Another way is by taking a certification course. I have always been into sports and am a highly competitive person, so I decided to take the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course through the KAIP Academy to place myself ahead of the competition and stand out, as well as get more experience in the business field.

Going in, I had little to no knowledge on the process of Lean or Six Sigma. Something I liked about the Lean Six Sigma class is that the interactive portion of the test was extremely fun and taught me (and my other classmates) to ask many questions and to try and figure out tasks as efficiently and simply as possible.

The class was very fun when it came to hands on exercises such as flying paper airplanes or sorting beads, all of which help teach and show Lean Six Sigma principles.

What I’ve learned in my day-to-day job while using the Lean Six Sigma process is that it can be applied and used in many different ways.

  1. Repeatable Processes. Make every process easy enough to have the process be repeatable by everyone who comes across it. In my internship, I am working on process mapping and this course has given me tools to see where we can cut down processes to make them easier and more efficient.
  2. Time Management. From a college student’s perspective, the Lean Six Sigma course will help me with my online classes. Online classes take a lot of time management skills and this course teaches you how to do that with minimal effort.
  3. Motion Waste. I was really intrigued when it came to learning about motion waste. This is because I had never heard of such a thing, nor ever really thought how it could cause a company to lose money. I think this was definitely one of the most important things to learn about in this course because it’s a useful tool to reduce unnecessary motions and save money while doing so.

Interested in taking the KAIP Academy’s next Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course? Register here!

About the Author: I was born and grew up in Sacramento, CA and lived there for about 10 years before moving to a small country town. This is where I really started to learn about agriculture and how it is such a huge industry in California and even the world. I am a college student at Modesto Junior College, where I study Agricultural Business. After wrestling in high school, I realized that fitness is my favorite thing to do when not working and I have made a great hobby out of it.

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