Why the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is Ideal for Managers [INFOGRAPHIC] -

Why the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is Ideal for Managers [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Ashley Christman, LSS MBB, SSBBP, CSM

Are you thinking about getting a Lean Six Sigma certification? With several levels to choose from, it can be hard to know which is best for you. Here’s some insight:

Yellow Belts are professionals who have enough of the basic language and tools to act as subject matter experts. They’re empowered to make changes within their own work, but not quite prepared to tackle larger products. A Yellow Belt will give you the basics of Lean.

As a manager, though, you’re probably already spending your day collecting and analyzing data to implement fixes. Here’s where a Green Belt comes in. A Green Belt designation can help you utilize that data more effectively. Green Belt practitioners are equipped with the tools necessary to work on more complex projects and begin to lead change. A Green Belt also prepares you for the next step in Lean Six Sigma Certification: A Black Belt, for the advanced practitioner.

Need more? Here are the top three reasons why managers should be certified in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

Interested in getting your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification? The KAIP Academy is accredited through the Council for Six Sigma Certification as an independent training provider. For a list of our current Lean course offerings in Sacramento, visit http://academy.kaipartners.com/course/lean-six-sigma-green-belt-certification/.

About the Author: Ashley Christman is a former nurse and Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with a background in organizational change management and Lean. Her extensive experience in healthcare quality and performance improvement has transformed a number of organizations and led to better outcomes in patient care, reductions in wait times, and more. Her experience includes consulting for the CA Department of Public Health as well as multiple large hospital systems, including Santa Rosa Memorial and Petaluma Valley Hospital. Her passion for improvement and educating others led her to begin teaching in order to help entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders create a sustainable culture change by empowering them to be change agents and champions of innovation. You can find her online at @learnlivelean on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

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