KAI Partners Staff Profile: The Communications Consultant -

KAI Partners Staff Profile: The Communications Consultant

There are many paths to success and while not everyone takes the same path, we often manage to arrive at the same destination. In our KAI Partners Staff Profile series, we share interviews and insights from some of our own employees here at KAI Partners. Our staff brings a diversity in education, professional, and life experience, all of which demonstrate that the traditional route is not necessarily the one that must be traveled in order to achieve success.

Today, we bring you the journey of Ryan Hatcher, a Communications and OCM Consultant for one of KAI Partners’ public-sector clients.

KAI Partners, Inc.: How did you get into your line of work?

Ryan: About two years ago, I submitted an application to a company I’d never heard of based on a vague job description. Through a long series of interviews, I learned a little more about the job and started to get ideas of how I could fit into the role and the company. By the end, I still didn’t totally grasp what the work would be, but I was confident that I could help.

When I started in the political world more than a decade ago, things were a bit messier. I had a professor who started me down a long path of informational interviews until I convinced someone that I could successfully manage a Republican party office in Oakland. It wasn’t what I set out to do a couple months prior, but it was an opportunity.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years developing new business and clients—whether political, non-profit or corporate, I’ve learned that the work always follows the same path: find someone with a need, learn all about it, and come up a with a way to help.

KAI: Are there any certifications or trainings you’ve gone through that have helped in your career?

RH: Working at KAI Partners is essentially a constant training ground. I’ve learned a ton about the consulting business, state IT projects, procurement, and several other aspects of this field.

KAI: What is your favorite part about your line of work and why?

RH: Finding ways to be creative. It’s not always easy in a rigid, government environment to exercise creativity but that’s also what makes it so rewarding. Understanding how things work and discovering ways to creatively navigate complex systems can be fun.

KAI: What is one of the most common question you receive from clients and what counsel or advice do you give them?

RH: Working in communications, I get a lot of questions about how to word things or phrase news to best influence the audience. Generally, I ask them to think of the audience and try to imagine how they would understand/receive the information. Effective communication isn’t about clever wording or grand oration, it’s about connecting with people on their level and in their language.

Now that we’ve learned more about Ryan’s communications work, here’s a little more about him!

Quick Q&A with Ryan:

Daily, must-visit website: news.google.com, reddit.com/aww

Preferred genre of music or podcast to listen to: Classic rock, Broadway/Disney musicals, indie/folk, country.

Best professional advice received: “Plant what you want to harvest in 4, 7, and 10 years,” and “In life or business, relationships are the best investment you can make.”

Book you can read over and over again: The Hitchhiker’s Guide series by Douglas Adams

Most-recent binge-watched show: Better Call Saul

About Ryan: I have three hobbies: Husbanding, dog parenting, and tinkering. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen experimenting or in my garage/yard building things.

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