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Catherine Kendall Accepts Role at State Department, Steps Down from KAI Partners

KAI Partners, Sacramento

Catherine photoCatherine Kendall recently accepted a position as the Chief Information Officer at the Department of Conservation, and resigned Director of Service Delivery at KAI Partners, Inc.

Catherine says, “The decision to take the CIO job was very difficult for me because I enjoyed the work at KAI, I loved the flexibility that comes with working for a small business, and I respected my KAI colleagues a great deal. Also, KAI Partners is very community service-oriented and given my passion for service to others, KAI was an ideal fit for me. I am passionate about many issues, one of which is protection of the environment.

“So why did I take the CIO position? It is simple. I took the job at Conservation because this is an opportunity to use my IT experience to facilitate the protection of California’s natural resources and support the safety of both humans and wildlife. While it was difficult to part with KAI Partners, this was an opportunity I could not pass up, as I believe I can do something positive for all Californians, both bipeds and quadrupeds.”

The KAI Partners team will miss Catherine, but is excited to watch her succeed at the Department of Conservation.

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