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Census 2020: 3 ways California Counties Can Get Support for Census Outreach

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With Census 2020 fast approaching, California is poised to invest over $150 million to help ensure each citizen is counted.

To help reach the “hard-to-count” populations, Counties across California are receiving nearly $26 million in state funds to promote outreach activities, including increasing awareness and improving local response rates.

This is a substantial investment compared to 2010, when state budget problems meant only a fraction was spent on reaching the hard-to-count communities.

Census 2020 outreach programs are a golden opportunity for Counties to ensure each of their residents are counted and to help secure their fair share of federal funds for the next ten years.

California Counties have until February 8th to accept their allocation of state funds, but the state will work on extending the deadline with any County wishing to participate.

KAI Partners understands that finding the time and staff resources for a census outreach program can be a daunting task and fortunately, we can help.

Here are three ways KAI Partners’ services can help Counties make Census 2020 outreach a success:

  1. Project Management support: As a condition of receiving state funds, Counties are responsible for developing a strategic plan, implementation plan, and various reporting requirements all on a tight timeline. Project managers possess an ideal skill set for successfully meeting these requirements while also maximizing the probability of a successful locally-led census outreach program.

    For Counties struggling to find direction on where to start, or those that lack staff bandwidth to manage the program, an experienced project manager is an ideal solution—and one that KAI Partners can provide. Our certified Project Management Professionals (PMP)® will work with County staff to properly plan, execute, and report this important work.
  1. Communication and Outreach services: As part of a County’s strategic plan (which is required within 60 days of accepting state funds), a County is required to map out its outreach efforts, including articulating strategies, tactics, timelines, and partners for a local grassroots campaign to reach hard-to-count individuals.

    This is no small challenge for local governments. Luckily, the KAI Partners’ team can fill the gaps a County may have in meeting this time-consuming requirement. We understand that finding the right community partners can help hard-to-count communities realize the importance of the census and give them the confidence to respond. Our approach towards building a successful grassroot census outreach plan focuses on identifying these partners and trusted third-party messengers.
  1. Managing a Coordinated Effort: While the Census is federally managed by the US Census Bureau, government agencies of all types—ranging from the State of California to tribal governments to cities—play a key role in educating and motivating Californians to be counted. The level of coordination between these entities becomes even more complex when factoring in the state’s $47.5 million media advertising campaign and the community-based organizations that will be contracted to support census outreach efforts.

    Many Counties lack the staff time to track all the stakeholders and synergize their collective efforts. KAI Partners can help with this coordination gap and ensure County outreach programs build on the work done being by other partners; KAI Partners can serve as the point of contact while tracking and coordinating with other stakeholders.

Getting the count right for the 2020 Census is a high-stakes challenge that will affect local government funding for the next decade. Maximizing state funds to reach hard-to-count communities is a huge opportunity for Counties—a partnership with KAI Partners can help make County census efforts a success.

Interested in learning more about how KAI Partners can help your County’s Census 2020 outreach efforts? Call us today at 916-465-8065.

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