Our Guiding Principles -

Our Guiding Principles

KAI Partners’ culture is the key to our continued success. Our core values drive how we work, what we deliver, and who we aspire to be in our industry and community. KAI Partners’ core values are based on a set of Guiding Principles.


A courageous approach starts by us doing the right things for the right reasons. Then when our courage is tested, we are prepared to move forward with confidence that our motives are consistent with our commitment to an optimized outcome for all participants.


We hold ourselves accountable as individuals, at the team level, and at the organizational level to provide solutions to our clients that make a difference. We see this as our responsibility to not just our clients, but to the greater community.
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Honesty is a critical value because it sets the culture for the organization, it creates a consistent workplace, and it helps build long-term relationships.


Transparency is about having the courage to be clear and open, even when it is difficult, and is one of the main attributes of everything we do as a company.


With our commitment to a solution, we can solve every problem we set our minds to accomplish. Our work requires dauntless dedication and rigorous follow-through—especially when we are driving change or innovation.


Trust is a critical value in any type of relationship because a relationship without trust is not really a relationship at all. Trust within relationships creates a strong and solid foundation that can be built upon. Over the long term, success is dependent upon positive relationships.
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