Effective Solutions Through Partnership

Our Guiding Principles

The following KAI Partners, Inc. Guiding Principles shape not only our interactions with clients and our team, but are also integrated in our consulting practices:


This principle starts with the individual, supports each work effort and initiative, and encompasses our organization.


Transparency is about having the courage to be clear and open, even when it is difficult, and is one of the critical attributes of everything we do as a company.


A courageous approach starts by us doing the right things for the right reason. Then when our courage is tested, we are prepared to move forward with confidence that our motives are consistent with our commitment to an optimized outcome for all participants.


Honesty is a critical value because it sets the culture for the organization, it creates a consistent workplace, and it helps build long-term relationships.


Trust is a strategically critical issue in any type of relationship because a relationship without trust is not really a relationship at all. Over the long term, success is dependent upon positive relationships.


Consistent behavior creates an environment of security and belief in the outcomes that are agreed upon between two people. Risk is reduced, confidence is built, and through this value we are able to be an effective part of our ecosystem over time.


Without commitment, any business goal will ultimately be unsuccessful. Our work requires dauntless dedication and rigorous follow-through—especially when we are driving change or innovation.